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Note: While we're delivering cutting-edge research to customers in application security, most of our media coverage is lately related to 0patch service; please see our 0patch media page for recent media references.

2/14/2019.Bleeping Computer, "OpenOffice Zero-Day Code Execution Flaw Gets Free Micropatch"
2/11/2019.Threatpost, "Temporary Patch Released For Adobe Reader Zero-Day"
2/7/2019.Softpedia, "Three Reasons You Shouldn't Pay for Windows 7 Updates"
1/22/2019.ZDNet, "Two more Windows zero-days get temporary patches"
1/21/2019.Help Net Security, "0patch releases micropatch for Windows Contacts RCE zero-day"
1/18/2019.CSO, "Temporary micropatch available for zero-day Windows exploit"
12/20/2018.Bleeping Computer, "Windows Zero-Day PoC Lets You Read Any File with System Level Access"
10/24/2018.Threatpost, "Windows ‘Deletebug’ Zero-Day Allows Privilege Escalation, Destruction"
10/23/2018.ZDNet, "Microsoft Windows zero-day disclosed on Twitter, again"
10/14/2018.CSO, "Microsoft patch for JET flaw zero-day is ‘incomplete,’ Windows still vulnerable"
10/12/2018.Threatpost, "Microsoft Zero-Day Patch for JET Bug Incomplete, Claims Firm"
9/25/2018.SecurityWeek, "Third-Party Patch Available for Microsoft JET Database Zero-Day"
9/20/2018.The Register, "Microsoft's Jet crash: Zero-day flaw drops after deadline passes"
8/31/2018.Forbes, "Windows 0-Day ALPC Bug Exploit Patched By Third Party Ahead Of Microsoft's Official Update"
8/31/2018.Softpedia, "Emergency Fix for Windows 10 Task Scheduler Vulnerability Released by 0patch"
8/30/2018.BetaNews, "0patch beats Microsoft to patching Windows 10 task scheduler 0-day vulnerability"
8/30/2018.Bleeping Computer, "Temporary Patch Available for Recent Windows Task Scheduler ALPC Zero-Day"
5/16/2018.Softpedia, "0patch Issues Windows 7 Update Fixing CVE-2018-8174 Without Breaking Networks"
4/3/2018.Help Net Security, "How to close the security update gap"
1/16/2018.The Register, "Upset Equation Editor was killed off? Now you can tell Microsoft to go forth and multiply: App back from the dead"
1/16/2018.Help Net Security, "Abandoned by Microsoft, Equation Editor gets “security-adopted” by micropatch pros"
11/28/2017.Punto Informatico, "Microsoft Equation Editor, il payload e gia in circolo" (in Italian)
11/20/2017.SecurityWeek, "Microsoft Manually Patched Office Component: Researchers"
11/18/2017.Bleeping Computer, "Microsoft Appears to Have Lost the Source Code of an Office Component"
11/17/2017.Ars Technica, "How to fix a program without the source code? Patch the binary directly"
10/26/2017.Redeszone, "0Patch soluciona la vulnerabilidad DDE de Office que Microsoft no corrige" (in Spanish)
10/25/, "Securitybedrijf ontwikkelt patch voor DDE-feature in Microsoft Office" (in Dutch)
4/24/2017.Naked Security, "What happens when a vendor doesn’t patch its software?"
4/7/2017.SecTor, "If Vendors Won't Patch Their Software, This Firm Will"
4/3/2017.SC Magazine, "Zero-day on Windows Server 2003 could affect up to 600,000 servers"
3/31/2017.BankInfoSecurity, "Old Microsoft IIS Servers Vulnerable to Zero-Day Exploit"
3/31/2017.The Register, "WONTFIX: No patch for Windows Server 2003 IIS critical bug – Microsoft"
3/30/2017.ComputerWorld, "Millions of websites affected by unpatched flaw in Microsoft IIS 6 web server"
3/30/2017.Help Net Security, "Actively exploited zero-day in IIS 6.0 affects 60,000+ servers"
3/13/2017.Help Net Security, "Reinventing software patching, curing big security holes" (podcast)
3/10/2017.WinBuzzer, "Microsoft IE Vulnerability Fixed by 0patch Ahead of Official Patch Tuesday"
3/10/2017.Redeszone, "0patch soluciona una nueva vulnerabilidad en Windows antes que Microsoft" (in Spanish)
3/10/2017.BetaNews, "0patch pushes out another Windows patch, but will leave the real work to Microsoft"
3/10/2017.iTWire, "Security firm issues patch for another Windows 0-day"
3/8/2017.Network World, "Third-party releases 'nano-patch' for Microsoft zero day bug"
3/7/2017.Naked Security, "Google leads ‘guerilla patching’ of big vulnerability in open source projects"
3/7/2017.SC Magazine, "Third party develops temporary patch for Microsoft flaw that Google disclosed"
3/7/2017.The Register, "Don't worry, slowpoke Microsoft, we patched Windows bug for you, brags security biz"
3/6/2017.Hot for Security / Bitdefender, "Third party patch released for Microsoft zero-day that Google made public"
3/6/2017.iTWire, "Security firm issues patch for Windows zero-day"
3/4/2017.Bleeping Computer, "Third-Party Vendor Issues Temporary Patch for Windows GDI Vulnerability"
3/4/2017.Redeszone, "0patch te permite solucionar la vulnerabilidad de gdi32.dll hasta que lo haga Microsoft" (in Spanish)
3/3/2017.Softpedia, "Unpatched Windows Vulnerability Made Public by Google Gets a 3rd-Party Fix"
3/3/2017.BetaNews, "0patch creates a 0-day patch for Windows gdi32.dll vulnerability before Microsoft"
6/10/2016.TechBeacon, "Crowdpatching call-to-action: How micropatching can make it happen"
6/7/2016.Help Net Security, "0patch: Microscopic cures for big security holes"
2/8/2016.CIO, "Java installer flaw shows why you should clear your Downloads folder"
10/3/2013.New Scientist, "Five ways to rob a bank using the internet"
10/11/2012.SC Magazine, "Robbing banks at a security conference - legal or not?"
3/2/2012.Help Net Security, "The future of attacks on banking systems" (podcast)
2/13/2012.ZDNet, "Should we be focusing on vulnerabilities or exploits?"
12/7/2011.(IN)SECURE Magazine, "7 questions you always wanted to ask a professional vulnerability researcher"
11/25/2011.Bluewin, "Sicherheitsexperte findet neue Lücken beim Online-Banking" (in German)
11/21/, "Online-Banking ist leicht zu knacken" (in German)
11/18/2011.Handelsblatt, "Angriffe auf Server der Banken lohnen sich" (in German)
10/26/2011.ComputerWorld, "Chrome bug no security threat, argues Google"
10/25/2011.SC Magazine, "Bug may enable remote code execution in Chrome"
10/24/2011.Help Net Security, "Bug allows remote code execution in Chrome"
10/24/2011.SoftPedia, "Google Chrome Exposed to 'pkcs11.txt' File Planting"
8/3/2011.PenTest Magazine, "Turning a Nation Off With Binary Planting - How Binary Planting Bugs Can Be Used In a Real Penetration Test For Crossing Security Boundaries" (subscription required)
7/11/2011.The H Security, "Java vulnerability demonstrates file planting"
5/23/2011.PCMAG, "Bumper Crop of Remote Binary Planting Bugs Found in Windows"
5/9/, "Windows 7 et IE9 vulnérables au DLL hijacking" (in French)
5/6/2011.ComputerWorld, "Unpatched DLL bugs let hackers exploit Windows 7 and IE9, says researcher"
11/24/2010.InformationWeek, "Most Microsoft DLL Hijacking Vulnerabilities Remain Unpatched"
11/10/2010.InformationWeek, "Microsoft Patches DLL Hijacking Vulnerability"
10/28/2010.InformationWeek, "Microsoft Windows Still Vulnerable To DLL Hijacking"
9/30/2010.InformationWeek, "IE, Windows XP Users Vulnerable To DLL Hijacking"
9/29/2010.ComputerWorld, "IE users most at risk from DLL hijacking attacks"
9/11/2010.SoftPedia, "Binary Planting Attacks Extend to EXE Files"
9/10/2010.The H Security, "DLL hole now affects EXE files"
9/10/2010.Heise Online, "DLL-Lücke: Jetzt auch mit EXE-Dateien" (in German)
9/9/2010.Dr. Dobb's, "The Windows DLL Loading Security Hole"
9/9/2010.CHIP Online, "Nach der DLL-Lücke: Neues Riesen-Leck in Windows" (in German)
9/8/2010.ComputerWorld, "Apple matches Mozilla, patches DLL hijacking bug in Safari"
9/8/2010.eWeek, "Apple, Mozilla Fix DLL Loading Issue in Browsers"
8/27/, "Remote Binary Planting: Die unpatchbare Lücke in Windows" (in German)
8/26/2010.ComputerWorld, "Windows DLL exploits boom; hackers post attacks for 40-plus apps"
8/26/2010.eWeek Europe, "Details Of Windows Binary Planting Bug Revealed"
8/26/2010.ComputerWorld UK, "Microsoft confirms unpatched vulnerabilities in key enterprise programs"
8/24/2010.The Register, "Firefox, uTorrent, and PowerPoint hit by Windows DLL bug"
8/24/2010.ComputerWorld, "Windows DLL load hijacking exploits go wild"
8/24/2010.PCWorld, "Microsoft Applications Plagued by Binary Planting Flaw"
8/24/2010.The Tech Herald, "Microsoft offers advisory and mitigation for binary planting flaw"
8/23/2010.SC Magazine, "Warnings made of an 'old-new' Windows vulnerability that could make applications open to remote code-execution attacks"
8/23/2010.eWeek, "Microsoft Releases Security Advisory on Windows Application Bugs"
8/23/2010.ComputerWorld, "Microsoft won't patch critical DLL loading bugs"
8/22/2010.PCWorld, "Dozens of Windows Apps Said to Contain Same Critical Flaw"
8/22/2010.PCMAG, "Details Emerge on 'Remote Binary Planting' Winapp Bug"
8/20/, "Une faille affecterait pres de 40 applications sous Windows" (in French)
8/20/2010.Spiegel Online, "Experten warnen vor massiver Windows-Sicherheitslücke" (in German)
8/20/2010.The Register, "Researcher: Code-execution bug affects 200 Windows apps"
8/19/2010.ComputerWorld, "Zero-day Windows bug problem worse than first thought, says expert"
8/19/2010.ComputerWorld, "Update: 40 Windows apps contain critical bug, says researcher"
8/18/2010.The Register, "New code-execution bug found in Windows and 40 apps"

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